“CORPORATE/TENANT BUILD-OUT construction drawings are one of my specialties. 25 years in the architecture/space planning business, highly competitive and knowledgeable. Personal attention given to all design projects. Creative and artistic in achieving functional plans. Corporate planner for many firms: Spirit of Texas Bank – interior buildout, IIX, IRS at Galleria, GSA in college station, Catwalk Hair Studio build-out plans & interior design. Familiar with government contracts.
CUSTOM HOUSE PLANS: Custom & builder sets of construction drawings. Creative, knowledgeable and loves to provide the Home Owner or Builder all the tools needed for a beautiful home project (including REMODEL projects). Small projects to 17,000sf homes have been designed over the 25+ years of architecture experience. Also, METAL BUILDING planning for homes and businesses. Producing home plans since 1983 and experience is golden.”

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Lori Pfeffer | Owner, Architect/Interior Designer | License #5911

call: 979-778-8406

email: accuplandesign@verizon.net