Sage Window Potato Chip


Sage Window Potato Chip


  • 1 large Gold potato
  • 12-15 medium to large sage leaves rinsed, drained, and stems removed


  1. Slice potatoes paper thin (I use a quality cheese slicer)

  2. Spray or oil a cookie sheet

  3. Place a sage leaf between two potato slices and press edges together to seal

  4. Place sandwiched potato on cookie sheet

  5. Repeat until all potatoes are sandwiched with sage and placed on cookie sheet (This will depend on the size of the potato)

  6. Cover with parchment paper and place another cookie sheet on top

  7. Stack an iron weight on top of the cookie sheet to press the potatoes

  8. Bake at 400 degrees F for 20 minutes

  9. Salt while hot and let cool

  10. Store in airtight container

Recipe Notes

This is an easy food craft to share with children or grandchildren.

 It also makes a nice garnish for any plate. ~ From Merrill Bonarrigo’s kitchen

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