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Wine Pairing with Cucumbers

5 Tips on Pairing Wine with Cucumbers:

as recommended by Karen Bonarrigo & Merrill Bonarrigo

  • Cucumbers are neutral in flavor with an almost delicate melon character with a hint of bitterness. They work with most wines since they do not compete with flavor.

  • The main pairing consideration with cucumbers is the preparation and what other strong flavors might be included like peppers, vinaigrette, etc.

  • Raw peppers added to the recipe are high in acid so pair with high acid wines. Try Messina Hof Pinot Grigio, Messina Hof Serenity or Father & Son Riesling.

  • Hot peppers can scorch taste buds. Sweet wines mask the heat and allow you to taste the flavors. Try Messina Hof Gewurztraminer, Messina Hof Moscato or Beau.

  • In the Cucumber Salad recipe, the strongest flavors are the jalapeno, onion, and lime juice. A wine with a hint of sweetness and good acidity would work best. Messina Hof Gewurztraminer, Messina Hof Serenity, and Father & Son Riesling are good pairings.

  • In the Tzatziki Sauce, garlic and dill are the strongest flavors. In this recipe the yogurt adds a creamy coolness to balance the strong flavors. Messina Hof Pinot Grigio, Messina Hof Chenin Blanc, and Beau work well.

Recommended wines:
Try a three pack of these wines and try the recipe for yourself to choose your favorite!

  • Messina Hof Chenin Blanc
  • Messina Hof Serenity
  • Messina Hof Beau


Merrill and Karen Bonarrigo, Wine and Food Pairing experts at Messina Hof Wine Cellars, Inc.

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