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Wine Pairings for Dishes with Southern Peas

Wine Pairings for Dishes with Southern Peas

as recommended by Karen Bonarrigo & Merrill Bonarrigo

Wine & Southern Peas:

  • Why do they pair well with wine? They have a high level of protein and starch which give balance to acids in wines.
  • When do you use them? In winter, try them in a curry sauce or soups.  In summer, create hummus or use in salads.
  • How do you pair the wine?
  • Goes with almost all wines depending on other spices
  • Red wines with heavy flavored dishes
  • White wines and Rose’s with crisp acidity

Recommended wines:

  • Tribute Series Gewurztraminer (dry white with spicy flavors) – using the same wine in the recipe creates a flavor bridge.
  • Mama Rosa Rose’ (semi-sweet rose’) – sweetness balances strong and spicy flavors.
  • Private Reserve Petite Sirah (dry full-bodied red with notes of smoke and spice) Match flavor weights – bold wine with bold salad. *

*Substitute the wine in the recipe with the one you are pairing.

Merrill and Karen Bonarrigo, Wine and Food Pairing experts at Messina Hof Wine Cellars, Inc.

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