Wine Pairing for Dishes with Persimmon

Wine Pairings for Dishes with Persimmon

as recommended by Karen Bonarrigo & Merrill Bonarrigo

5 Things to know about pairing wines with persimmon:

  • Semi-ripe, they are crisp like a plum.  Very ripe, they are like sweet apples or pears with a mushy texture. Sweet ripe persimmons have a honey character and can be used like ripe apples or pears in desserts.
  • Persimmons semi-ripe have strong tannins that give a chaulky texture can be used in many savory recipes that call for tomatoes.  The tannins give a flavor weight that can complement red wine.
  • Wine pairings with persimmons vary by ripeness of fruit or recipe.  Astringency of the persimmons can complement the acidity of the white wine like Pinot Grigio.
  • Sweetness of Persimmons adds balance to the sweet-heat savory dishes.
  • If the persimmons are used in the recipes as an ingredient, pair the appropriate wine to the strongest flavor in that dish.
Recommended wines:

Merrill and Karen Bonarrigo, Wine and Food Pairing experts at Messina Hof Wine Cellars, Inc.

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