A young Sicilian New Yorker falls in love with a gentle Texas lady and creates a 44 year Texas wine legacy. Share the journey. Learn the history of Texas wine and the Bonarrigo family. This is our story – victories, defeats, laughter and tears.

When Messina Hof began in 1977 there were two wineries in Texas and Texas was 48th in wine production in the USA. Today Texas is 5th in wine production; there are over 500 wineries and Messina Hof continues to grow and set new records its second Texas generation.

208 pages, paperback

The first of its kind, Trails of Blood & Wine is a fiction based on the legendary stories that explore the mysterious beginnings of the Texas wine industry dating before the 1800’s to present day. The main character Trevor Talan shares his quest to bring clarity to chaos in the process. The Curse of Estacado is book 1 of a new mystery series. Texas history and the Texas wine industry are defined by bold characters who do not accept defeat or no as an answer and who push until success is achieved. This mystery is staged in the High Plains of Texas where yesterday meets today in history and anything is possible. In the end, we learn the importance of family and how it translates to success in life.

Authors Paul and Merrill Bonarrigo began their journey in the Texas Wine Industry in 1977. They share stories they lived, heard about, and created from their own personal journey. In everything they give Glory to the Lord for their own journey together in the Texas Wine industry.

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