6 Criteria To Consider When Shopping for a Home Warranty Program

6 Criteria To Consider When Shopping for a Home Warranty Program

Shopping for a home warranty is a great investment, but it can also be overwhelming. There are many different kinds of warranties from countless different companies. If you know what you’re looking for, though, the home warranty search can be simple. The Vineyard District suggests you start by considering these six criteria when you’re looking for the right home warranty program.

  1. Age and Condition of Your Home

One of the first factors that will determine the cost and necessity of a home warranty is the age of your home — and its overall condition. BECU notes that older homes often have more issues, including susceptibility to electrical issues and plumbing problems. It should be noted, though, that new construction can come with challenges, too. The cost of a warranty may still be higher for older homes.

  1. What You Need Coverage for

As you’re assessing the age and condition of your home, you should also consider exactly what you need coverage for. Is your home’s roof old and susceptible to leaks? Have you dealt with burst pipes in the past? Questions like these are important to answer when you’re considering your coverage options. You need to ensure that your coverage cap is high enough for any potential repairs or maintenance that you might file a claim for.

  1. Reputation of a Home Warranty Company

The reputation of the company you choose is yet another important consideration. Home warranties work by connecting homeowners with a network of approved contractors in exchange for a monthly fee. If the homeowner needs a repair or other service, the cost is covered by their warranty, and a home warranty may be exactly what you need, especially if you’ve recently purchased a house with older appliances and systems. It’s essential, then, that you opt for a warranty provider with a lot of appeal that gets good reviews and provides great service.

  1. Price Compared to the Price of Repairs

Homeowners should also calculate the potential cost of a home warranty policy compared to the cost of potential repairs. According to LawnStarter, home maintenance can cost between 1 and 4 percent of a home’s value every year on average. A large portion of this expense could be covered by a home warranty. Indeed, the savings that a warranty provides is one of the most appealing benefits.

  1. Strategy for Managing Contract Documents

When you do decide on a home warranty provider, you’ll need to enter into a contract in order to finalize your coverage. This contract is just one of several documents you’ll deal with, though, and you might need to develop a strategy for organizing the files. Digitizing them and separating them into multiple PDFs can help. When you want to use a PDF splitter tool to break a big PDF into smaller PDFs, you can do this online easily.

  1. The Fine Print in a Home Warranty Contract

As you’re organizing the documents associated with your home warranty plan, you should also take time to read the fine print. Some companies trap homeowners in unfavorable contracts that contain hidden fees and unfair policies. Some companies even charge an exorbitant fee if you try to cancel your policy. Read all of the details to be sure you don’t fall prey to these tactics.

A Home Warranty Agreement Offers Peace of Mind

There are plenty of advantages that a home warranty program provides. In addition to the savings, you can look forward to service from reliable professionals if you do need a repair. Most importantly, though, a home warranty can give you peace of mind.

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