Guest Tablescapers: The Knapps

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Guest Tablescape Artists, The Knapps

We love to dine outdoors and whenever we are able to (Mother Nature permitting ??) we will! Since becoming empty nesters we spend a great deal of our free with friends and our wine family and I travel quite a bit.

We do love our traditions but we are somewhat unconventional in that it is not uncommon for Cory & I to take a formal holiday meal in a foreign country or on a beach! I travel the world for my work and host special events literally everywhere on the planet (excluding Antarctica – it is super cold there!) With so few limitations between the vast cultural experiences I been privileged to live, I love being as creative as possible for my own presentations yet probably like you, my free time to do so is generally in small quantity. So I call on my dear friends when needed whether it is extra wine glasses, inspiration or just the added security of their physical presence.

This has been such a momentous year for our family: Vanessa’s marriage (Jan 7), numerous big year birthdays for some of our dearest friend, our big year Anniversary (July 29) and the birth of their first child (Sept 21) it has been so rich with wonderful memories we will continue to treasure.

Our most recent event was that of our dear friend Jalinda’s 70th birthday celebration! I ask just a couple of my local BFF’s to help out and it was an amazing evening for all of us but especially for the birthday girl!

I have found through the years whether I am hosting an event for a client, a family affair or dinner for 44 of our closest friends more is less on the table except for glassware. We are always sure to have ample wine & drinking glasses pre-set. My best advice when setting your table is regarding the centerpieces, make them functional and definitely not to tall.

The holidays are my very favorite time of year to dust off the old China and pull out all the stops at the table! Our daughter confided after giving birth that she was looking forward to being able to keep those traditions with her children. What a true glory and blessing to pass to the next generation that this is the most special time of the year. The time of year we truly celebrate our Lord and Saviors birth and what is a better way than sitting around a beautifully set table with all those you love? I cannot think of any ? So here is Blessings to all whether your table is set for two or twenty!


From our family to yours, The Knapps

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