Happy New Year from the Vineyard District! 2019 is here.

Each year January 1st is filled with traditions.  Ours begins with the official Midnight Sparkling Wine toast at the annual Messina Hof New Year’s Eve party.  On January 1st we enjoy our good-luck black-eyed peas and cornbread while watching the Rose Bowl parade. 

But the best of all is taking the time to reflect on, give thanks for and write down all the blessings of the previous year.  I overlook so many blessings in the moment they are happening.  By looking at my calendar and journals and recording each one, I can appreciate them all.   Try creating your own blessings journal.

You can use a simple notebook.  Keep it by a chair you use daily.  Record a blessing received, inspiration read, or the words of a motivational song.  You will surprised how it changes your viewpoint on life. 

“You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessing and prosperity will be yours.”  Psalm 128:2     

For the Vineyard District 2018 brought new friends and growth in our area:

1.  Todd Homes completed one home,  began construction on another and began the official entrance monument.  It should be completed in 2019.

2.  The VineyardDistrict Website Culinary View welcomed a new Master Gardener Blogger Mike Vidrine.  Each month he highlights an edible that can grow in our area.  The Executive chef of the Vintage House restaurant at Messina Hof shares a recipe using that edible.  Then, Merrill or Karen Bonarrigo share wine pairings for that recipe and edible.

3.  Messina Hof Estates had its first official grape harvest and produced its first vintage of wine.

4.  In the neighborhood, Contreras Flooring opened at 3755 Old Reliance Road.  Be sure to stop by to meet Ofelia and David Contreras.  At www.thevineyarddistrict.com “In the Neighborhood” section features all the local artisans in our area. 

Cheers and blessings to all,

Paul and Merrill Bonarrigo

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