Trail of Wine and Food  – Parry Sound and Sudbury 

Spending five weeks together driving across America is a great test of a marriage. We have always done everything together – just not four hundred miles a day for so many days. The results were a stronger relationship, so many more memories together, shared delight in the God moments we witnessed, and a greater appreciation for the beauty of and freedoms enjoyed in America. This was our 2023 journey. We hope you will plan your own…

From Barrie to Sudbury we drove through Midland, a summer recreation town with beautiful murals by Fred Lenz, and after his passing by his son, on many of the building on Main Street and Martyr’s Church where the pope visited. It is worth the time to drive through the town to see the murals.

From there we went to Port Severn on Georgian Bay. They say there are 30,000 islands there! The scenic byway along Lake Huron is worth the time.

Out of pretzels, we stopped for more at Soleby’s Grocery in Parry Sound. This was a great stop to replenish on our way. This time we got Rold Gold Pretzels. 

Also, Bradshaw’s was a good quickmart with reasonable gas.

In Parry Sound we went to Heritage Trail Park Lookout and had lunch at the Trestle Brewery. The Brewery overlooked the river and the old trestle bridge that is now a pedestrian bridge. There is also an old train trestle bridge in view. 

Paul had the Rueben sandwich. It was excellent smoked pastrami on warm toasted bread with delicious kraut. I had a wonderful giant pretzel with mustard and dill pickles. They also had a great selection of beers made onsite. 9 Great North Rd., Parry Sound, ON P2A 2XB

Best pretzel so far!

We sat outside and enjoyed the sun and the view. Interestingly, we watched a police boat cruise under the pedestrian bridge surveying two divers under the bridge. The police stopped, helped, and watched while the divers dived as though looking for something. The police were still there when we left.

Of course, we spent the rest of the day creating mystery scenarios of their adventure!

From Parry Sound there were large stretches between townships. The populations are centered around the larger communities of over 100,000 people. 

In Sudbury we saw the Giant Nickel.  It is a thirty-foot replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel located at the Dynamic Earth science museum. 122 Big Nickel Rd., Greater Sudbury, ON P3C 5T7.

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