Wine Pairing for Dishes with Mint

Wine Pairings for Dishes with Mint

as recommended by Karen Bonarrigo & Merrill Bonarrigo

Wine Pairings for Mint:

  • Mint is not only easy to grow and nice ground cover for our landscapes, but can add excitement to dishes. Mint explodes with flavor.
  • When we talk about flavor weight, we say that you should pair the wine with the strongest flavor on the plate. Often when mint is an ingredient, it would be the strongest flavor.
  • Raw or cooked mint can be crisp, bright and menthol. They can be garnish for salads, flavor in meats, vegetablesand sauces.
  • Their bold flavor helps to make any dish pair better with bold flavored wines. White wines that have good acidity like Dry Riesling or Gewurztraminer and red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Sagrantino or Primitivo are natural pairings.
  • In the Bonarrigo Rack of Lamb recipe we use fresh mint in roasting the meat and a mint syrup sauce. This is a great dish with big bold reds.
  • Recommended wines:

Merrill and Karen Bonarrigo, Wine and Food Pairing experts at Messina Hof Wine Cellars, Inc.

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