Wine Pairing with Succotash

5 tips on pairing “Mixed Garden Veggies” or Succotash:

as recommended by Karen Bonarrigo & Merrill Bonarrigo

  • Every garden typically has a variety of vegetables ripening at the same time. In order to enjoy and not waste these veggies, most gardeners will mix them in some sort of medley. Caponata in Sicily is an example. Succotash is an American/Canadian variation on that theme.
  • Delicate dry whites like Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay or blends tend to go nicely with vegetables.
  • Why do they pair well with wine? They have a high level of protein and starch which give balance to acids in wines.
  • As a hot vegetable, the medley can support medium bodied dry reds like Malbec, GSM or Bonarrigo Heritage Reserve. As a salad with a vinaigrette or citrus dressing, the medley complements nicely the white wines with a good acidity like Serenity or the Bonarrigo Heritage white.
*Substitute the wine in the recipe with the one you are pairing.  

Merrill and Karen Bonarrigo, Wine and Food Pairing experts at Messina Hof Wine Cellars, Inc.

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