Cilantro – Gardening Tips from the Culinary View

Cilantro – Gardening Tips From The Culinary View

as recommended by Michael Vidrine

2022 will be a focus on herbs. There are so many culinary and healthful uses. February, we willtalk about Cilantro. Cilantro has a love-hate reputation.  Some people love it and others loath it. It looks much like parsley, but has what I would call a sultry bitter taste. Did you know that Cilantro is the leaf of the coriander plant? Harvest the seeds as your coriander spice and the leaves as cilantro. Cilantro symbolizes peace, soothing of a broken heart and easing of pain of loss.  It also was used to improve blood health and lower blood sugar levels. Check out this video to learn more about growing your own cilantro!

Michael Vidrine Brazos Valley Gardener, Orchardist, Apiarist and Instructor
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