Trail of Wine and Food – Colorado

Spending five weeks together driving across America is a great test of a marriage. We have always done everything together – just not four hundred miles a day for so many days. The results were a stronger relationship, so many more memories together, shared delight in the God moments we witnessed, and a greater appreciation for the beauty of and freedoms enjoyed in America. This was our 2023 journey. We hope you will plan your own…

In Grand Junction, we met the owner of Two Rivers Winery. He gave us tour of the property which is now for sale. It was a Godmoment that one of the family members mentioned that he had gone to University of Texas and was familiar with some of the pioneering wineries like Messina Hof! He did not know we were Messina Hof.

Next we traveled to Whitewater Hill Winery where we found a former Texan owner and winemaker! Though Chloe is new to the business and to winemaking, her wines were fresh and crisp. We will watch her grow in this business.

From Whitewater Hill we moved to one of Bob’s recommendations – Carlson Vineyard. This is a small boutique winery with an outdoor patio tasting area. The estate vineyard features twenty different varieties. 

When we requested bold reds they referred us to Coliterra Winery where we tasted some outstanding bold Bordeaux style wines.  Coltierra informed us that they had purchased Plum Creek winery where we had visited a decade ago.

Dinner at Ristorante Pantuso was like having a traditional family Italian dinner.

Maison n La Belle – Grand Junction has several wine area micro climates producing distincitively different wines. The closer to the mountains the warmer the grower area. The closer to the rivers, the temperatures are more moderate. Maison La Belle produces lovely Reserve Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Merlot was one of the darkest we had. They offer food service cooked by the German owner and offer outdoor seating near the vines.

Hermosa Vineyards – We met with the owner Ken Dunn who was very knowledgeable about the region on the production side as well as the vineyard side. We enjoyed his Bordeaux blend, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a unique Cherry dessert wine.

Restoration Vineyards named such because the owner restores Mercedes Benz cars and has been working to restore his vineyards. The patio offers views of the dramatic mountain ranges. Their Barbera was excellent and one of the only ones we tasted.

Carboy Vineyards was a busy place with an upper deck overlooking the mountains.  The Bubbly LaLaLa was fresh, fruity and fun. They produce a Toredelgo which won a Governor’s Cup.

Along the way there were many farm stands and produce markets selling the freshly harvested peaches and cherries.

Suehiro Japanese restaurant downtown, 541 Main St, Grand Junction, offered a delicious surprise for dinner. The sashimi was super fresh and the seaweed salad delicious.

We love antiquing and found a great antique shop, A Robin’s Nest of Antiques & Treasures, at 602 Main St, Grand Junction, CO., that was chocked full of everything you can imagine.

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