Trail of Wine and Food – Idaho Falls, Idaho and Utah

Spending five weeks together driving across America is a great test of a marriage. We have always done everything together – just not four hundred miles a day for so many days. The results were a stronger relationship, so many more memories together, shared delight in the God moments we witnessed, and a greater appreciation for the beauty of and freedoms enjoyed in America. This was our 2023 journey. We hope you will plan your own…

Going to Salt Lake City via Idaho Falls and across the Tetons offered more majestic views. It was particularly pretty to drive east and see the sun rising above the mountains.

Scenic overlooks along the route provided awe inspiring spiritual refreshment. Photos do not really capture the grandeur or texture. Ansel Adams photographed the Tetons and it was such a powerful photo of the beauty of America that it inspired tourism. Nasa even included it in the Voyageur library to provide space aliens with a view of earth.

We love farmers markets and antique shops. Everywhere we go we find a memory treasure.

Idaho Falls had a greenbelt along the river where they had a large farmers market. Booths were diverse and we even discovered a “tube” pastry that was made to order and cooked over an outdoor grill. They were delicious!

In comparison to what we had seen in Yellowstone, Salt Lake City was sterile looking but did have some dynamic architectural features in the building landscape as well as in the mountain backdrop. The Mormon Temple was under construction so covered in scaffolding. Temple Square is usually a centerpiece to tour so that was disappointing.  It was hot in the valley and there were large refineries and excavation of the hills changing the landscape detracting from the area.

Little America hotel was clean, well located, and reasonable. Its partner hotel Grand America was right across the street and offered upscale amenities.

Our dinner at Current Fish and Oyster, 279 E. 300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111,, was one of the best we had our entire trip. Our Server was knowledgeable and the wine by the glass list had a nice selection. This trip had been a delayed anniversary present to ourselves. They even celebrated with us!  It was so nice and such a surprise.

The road from Salt Lake City east is banked on the east by grand mountains but to the west by large petroleum processing plants. The mountains maintain an aloof presence yielding to vast desserts of rolling sand reminiscent of mammoth prairie dog mounds.

In Helper, Utah, the town honors the mining industry and those who have sacrificed their lives in the mines. The naturally sculpted red rock mountain walls offer a gallery of unique shapes and untold stories.

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