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Bull Canes and Playground Bullies

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The Vineyard teaches us many things. For instance, there are bullies in the vines as well as in life. “Bull Canes” not only sap unproductive energy from the vine and the neighboring branches, but they aggressively overwhelm nearby vines shading their branches making them less productive. See how the vinetender manages the bull canes in […]

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Wine Pairings for Pecan Biscotti

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WINE PAIRINGS FOR PECAN BISCOTTI as recommended by Karen Bonarrigo – Holidays are filled with love, warmth, and houses filled with family, friends, and laughter.  Desserts during the holidays should reflect the same – comfort and delight. – Biscotti is a dessert that has loving history for my family, and is a treat that pairs […]

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Messina Hof Pecan Biscotti Recipe

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“Biscotti is such an Italian treat. It seems that every Italian household has a jar of biscotti ready for dunking in the espresso. One cousin double bakes the ones for dunking and leaves some softer after a single bake for the children’s treats. Each family has a favorite recipe. We always look forward to the […]

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